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Neoprene Bootfooted Waist Wader 800G


SKU NEO Waist Wader 600G Categories ,

Neoprene Bootfooted Waist Wader 800G



* [ Size Chart ] :

ATTENTION: In order to ensure free movements in the water, and to avoid breaking the waterproof stitches when sitting or moving, wader size must be selected (1) Inseam +2″ or more (2) The maximum body Girth +1″ or more.

For example: Body measurement (1) Inseam is 33″ (2) Body biggest Girth 43″

You got  (1) Inseam 33+2=35″ (2) Girth=43+1=44″, therefore the size” 10 ” is recommended. There are eight sizes you can choose including #7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

* [ Material ] : 4.0MM Waterproof & Soft Neoprene

Constructed by 4.0mm waterproof and soft neoprene material, which provides you excellent waterproofness and comfort that makes you move freely in the water for a long time without feeling bulky.  Double side laminated with nylon jersy, to mak your wader more durable and comfotable for use.  A Free travel bag is included.

* [ Bootfoot Chest Wader Design ] :

Ergonomic and Wide pattern design keeps more action space and provides more mobility when fishing or hunting.  Neoprene cushioned PP suspender with YKK buckles provide you comfortable fitting and quick on and off to a waist style.

* [ Function Design ]:

A roomy hand warmer pocket to keep your hands warm and comfortable, combine with a inner waterproof pocket, which can ensure your accessories are dry.  An extra interior pocket fit with YKK zipper, that can be turned outwards, to ensure the safety of your phone.  Easy accessed bullet sleeve, Large Embossed knee pad provide extra prodection and comfort when needed.


* [ Boots Design ] :

Durable Rubber Boots insulated with 3M Thinsulation material, to keep your feet warm and comfortable in extreme cold water.


* [ DESOLVE Camouflage Printed] :

The upper of wader finished by Desolve BARE Camo, a visual camouflage design by scientifically research, which proves to be able to confuse the vision of animals or fish, making it difficult to detect the presence of fishermen or hunters. The camouflage design also bring you an unique wild wearing style.

Since the vision of animals is different from that of humans, the idea of shielding us from human eyes has always dominated the world camouflage patterns.  Because common sense tells us: If we can’t see, animals can’t see also!  However, science has subverted those sensory visions, and the DESOLVE action camouflage has been verified. The action camouflage system developed based on the visual weakness of animals effectively breaks away from environmental constraints and replaces past habits.

Reducing movement in different areas is the most important thing for hunters, because a camouflage suit is difficult to hide you in different environments; the camouflage of the simulated environment needs to cooperate with the ideal and consistent environment, which is only effective for human eyes, and ultimately just a self-deception illusion.  We are used to believing what we see, but it is more useful to believe what animals see when hunting.  DESOLVE is a camouflage developed based on the visual weakness of animals. The new rules have changed in your favor, games on.


* [ Manufacturing and Guarantee ] :

Unispo wader select the best materials, and manufactured by professional factory with more than 20 years of experience for wader production, using advanced Taiwan material and waterproof technology. Every  piece of wader must pass throught  3-5 minutes strictly waterproof test and make sure 100% waterproof before packaging.  Please purchase with confidence.

If you are not satisfied with the quality and design after receiving the product, we offer 30-days no question and money back guarantee.  And extra one year warranty for the defects caused by production, we will replaced or repaired your wader for free ( Note : this is not including normal wear and tear, accidental damage, modification, misuse, or improper maintenance )


* [ Care Instructions ] :

  1. Please follow the instructions on the care label for the wader.
  2. Please use hand wash and do not use washing machine, to avoid damage to the waterproof stitches and tapes. Do not use softeners or powder detergents.
  3. If there is no stain after general use, you can wash it with water and a soft brush.
  4. If there are stains, firstly soak the wader in water with neutral detergent for 30 minutes, and then gently scrub with a soft foam or brush to remove the stains. Then rinse off stains and detergent with water. If the stain cannot be removed, please do not scrub hard to avoid damage to the waterproof fabric.
  5. After cleaning, it is recommended to hang it upside down for quick dry in a cool place, and do not expose it to the sunlight. Do not store until completely dry.


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