In early 2014 our curiosity sent us down a path of research and development that lead to the creation of Desolve Camouflage, a pattern designed to fool animals, not hunters.


Our research highlighted the massive problems with current “sticks and leaves” styles of camouflage. Ungulates ( hooved animals ) don’t see the way we do, instead their vision is blurrier so they don’t focus on detail, instead they have been trained to focus their attention on outline. A new style of camo. that breaks up this outline with large macro and micro shapes creates the illusion of depth, so the subject appears to be a series of small objects spread out across a range of distances.


Desolve Camouflage was developed and tested in the field over the course of hundreds of hours to manipulate the specific colour and light tones most prominent to ungulates and the results are simply astonishing.






Deception camouflage exploits the colour palate from the environment it is being worn in by using tones and shapes to break up your outline. Veil disrupts the visual recognition process of the animal being hunted rather than simulating the environment. The result is a far more versatile camouflage pattern that excels in a wide variety of conditions.


Veil shares the technology  present in all Desolve® Deception Camouflage patterns. Veil can be more effective in greener country be it bush or open country. In human terms we are more confident wearing a colour that blends with the environment, in animal terms the pattern does the bulk of the work and the tone gives you the edge you need for total concealment.




The climate and seasons can treat the earth harshly, often leaving it barren and scorched. Bare country is where this camouflage excels. Summer scorched landscapes, desolate high country or leafless undergrowth during the autumn are where Bare™ becomes invisible. Bare™ creates the invisibility you need in more barren environments be it bush, high country or the open plains. Using the same pattern as Desolve® Veil Deception Camouflage the browner tone confuses your prey in to believing you are not there. Human vision and perceptions dictate that we wear camouflage that blends well with the environment. Animal vision plays by different rules. The pattern breaks up your form which conceals you and the tone hands you the clear advantage.




Desolve® camouflage patterns are designed to deceive animal vision not human vision despite Desolve® Camouflages ability to blend in exceedingly well. Desolve® Fire™ continues the powerful animal deception technology in all the Desolve® camouflage patterns with a high visibility to the human eye. Hooved animal vision is similar to red/green colour blindness in some men which is why Desolve® Fire™ complies with the invisible nature of all the Desolve® patterns. To an animal you are not there, yet you maintain high visibility to all but your prey.




Desolve® Wing™ has been designed to disrupt the specific and complex vision of waterfowl making you invisible through deception. Birds possess one more receptor than humans allowing them to see UV light, through this they identify each other, food sources and predators. With panoramic vision and zero binocular vision they see accurately up to three times the distance we can with acute movement detection and very little depth or contrast. A bird’s eye view is very different to ours, camouflage patterns designed to mimic the horizontal picture we see of reeds and grasses look foreign to a bird flying high above. The Desolve® Wing™ pattern disrupts the bird’s vision of you and exploits the inability of waterfowl to fill in the blanks in what they see. When we see one object in front of another our brain fills in the blanks making the object behind visible to us. Birds cannot do this so the tones and contrast of the Desolve® Wing™ pattern keeps you completely out of the picture. 




Snow covered environments require more than white on white camouflage to convince an animal you are not really there. Shades of white against white can still allow the human form to be seen as a solid and therefore expose your presence. Zero continues the science of the other disruptive Desolve® patterns confusing the vision of an animal. It therefore excels in producing human invisibility in areas of snow peppered rocks and foliage through to complete white out conditions. Designed for Zero animal visibility in sub Zero conditions, Desolve® Zero Camouflage is your defense against detection in winter, Arctic and alpine terrain.




Flat Black tones commonly worn by special forces, police and military departments are typically worn for two distinctive reasons. First, studies have shown that Black tones induce feelings of fear and submission. Second, they help conceal the user under the cloak of darkness. Desolve® Blak is designed to enhance this concealment.




The harsh sun in foreign lands leaves the earth dry and burnt. The heat in these baron, unforgiving lands leads to pale tones and faded shadows. This country is where Desolve® DirtTM camouflage excels.
Desolve® DirtTM is tactically designed to conceal the user in these terrains at multiple engagement ranges. Traditional camouflages do no more than match the colors of the surroundings. This is only useful at close range, however at longer ranges the pattern melts into one big blob. Desolve® DirtTM has been specially researched and designed with Desolve’s unique silhouette breaking technology to disrupt the operators outline at all distances. Meaning reduced detection and deadly approach.




The variety of jungle environments met in combat operations can vary greatly. One flat, traditional color of camouflage is never enough to match all these different backdrops. The problem is that traditional and current camouflage patters are designed to look like a certain type of tree, or match a certain type of tree color. This only works until that environment changes.
Desolve® Camouflage doesn’t work based on matching the environment around it. It instead tricks the eye to think that it isn’t there at all. This means no matter the color of the trees, grass or foliage around the operator; Wolf camouflage blends seamlessly into any shade of green or brown terrain.
Wolf has been specially researched and designed with Desolve’s® unique silhouette breaking technology to disrupt the operators outline at all distances. Meaning reduced detection and deadly approach.


When it came to embarking on the major task of researching the properties of animal vision, we started by setting out some clear parameters around the process in order to try and remain as objective as possible.

We believed that this would be crucial in achieving the best results for the development phase. This may seem obvious but it’s important to consider that we were all deep in the hunting world already and had likely formed biases in how we expected the vision and patterns to work based on personal experiences, whether we knew it or not. In short, the research was conducted by collecting over 50 sources of seemingly credible reports and articles both secondary and primary. The two criteria that we bound ourselves to were A; They must have come from a qualified scientific background directly in the field of ungulate vision and B; The studies or papers must have been published since the year 2000. From here we aligned all the research and extracted all the commonalities in the findings and excluded all the contradictory conjecture. This left us with clear objective findings that we could now directly apply to the development phase of our new camouflage pattern.

Most all animal’s eyes are made up of a series of internal rods and cones. Each of these serves a function of interpreting light as shape and colour.

Ungulates or hooved animals have been determined to lack the cones required to easily discern colours in the red spectrum. From this we can determine that that they are effectively red-green colour-blind. This means that most shades of greens, browns, yellows, oranges and reds are all seen as one similar colour to deer. This is why hunters are able to wear bright blaze orange clothes without standing out from the natural surrounding environment. However, it should be noted that the other side of the colour table, blue, can be determined as extremely out of place to a deer just as it is to the human eye.